Oceania Here I Come --Update

Visiting the great countries of the Oceania region has always been my dream, so this summer i was ready, with tickets bought, itinearies planned. This was gonna be a solid trip, that would have been two weeks long not including weekends. Visiting first Melbourne, then Auckland, trecking around North NZ and making my way to Wellington, then finally to Sydney.

As i neared the date, i packed, made sure to have all my visa’s in order, have hostel reservations in place and so forth. As the day for my flight neared to the evening, I learned that always always and i mean always be at the aiport at least 2 hours before the flight takes off and make sure to always added buffer time for things that can cause delays. In my case i made it to the airport half an hour before departure (NYC traffic is always a nightmare) causing me to miss my flight. Words cannot describe the anguish i felt, the time, the money and all the things i meant to see all gone in the blink of an eye. As i write this my heart and my soul cry in regards to missing this flight. I had set my hopes up so much for this trip and to see it gone in the blink of an eye hurt.

One very important lesson learned from this was, always make buffer time to get to your flights ahead of time especially when it is an international flight. Never ever assume that just because you flight a lot you can make it to the flight an hour before it departs.

In short, life has other plans for me and i will follow those plans and see where they take me. Until next time.