Visiting Calgary

Canada, also known as our friends on the north of us or that maple leaf country. Joking asise, Canada is one of the amazing places I have the pleasure of visiting multiple times. This last trip has actually been my fourth time visiting Canada, this time visiting the city of Calgary in the province of Alberta.

Now Calgary is not widely know or as famous as its cousins Toronto, Montreal, Quebec or even Vancouver. But Calgary is actually the 5th biggest city in Canada (Thanks Wikipedia!). Meaning that it is just diverse and fun to explore as its cousins. Now many may be wondering but Henry, why Calgary? How did you even hear about it? Is there even anything to do there? First onto is how did i hear about it, well i have a fascination for indie films, so on a reccomendation of a friend i watched a movie called Tusk by little know Canadian director Kevin Smith, and upon writting this post, i realized that movie takes place in the Manitoba Province, so in short i have no idea where Calgary came to be but i guess it must have come from somewhere else. Second, why Calgary, well why not? Life is short, make crazy decisions and hope for the best. So i did just that, bought tickets to see Calgary for a weekend. Like any other good traveler i decided to check out TripAdvisor for things to do in Calgary it has quite a few things. So good enough, i had tickets already so then i got an Airbnb room and prepared for my trip.

Getting around Calgary:

Once at the airport one of the easiest ways to get to Calgary either downtown or the outskirts of it, is to either a take a Taxi (Semi-Expensive around CAD $20 to take you to outskirt of Calgary) or take the #300 bus that can take you all the way downtown. To take the bus though you need to buy a special bus pass that is CAD $9.50, quite reasonable and cheaper than taking a taxi. I took a taxi just because I got in late and wanted the ease of mind, but for future endevours i will embracing public transportation.

Once down in Calgary proper, there are a few districts to check out: Core, Belt Line and Bow River Area, there are more but honestly I cannot remember the names of them. One of the best things to see while in Downtown Calgary, is the Calgary Tower. I would suggest taking pics from a diagnol angle. From there the best place to see and walk around is Prince Island’s Park, this is located right on the Bow River. While there you will see a lot of people out and about. While there i would suggest you to walk to the Bow River and just enjoy the sight, quite a sight to be honest. Following the river down you can see people fly-fishing, walking on it and even more down tube rafting. I personally rented a bike though, there is a great bike place right at the park and the staff quite friendly. A bike is just such a liberating experience, it allows fast access to a lot of places, you get a good workout, being green and best of all no having to find parking for that big bulky car, though i would suggest renting a bike lock, trusting your bike anywhere outside without a bike lock is asking it to be stolen (Not to say that Calgary is full of thieves). Just a few words of precaution and common sense means no bikes stolen.

In short that is quick little sumamry of downtown Calgary, I just passed around Calgary for one day, as i was only visiting the area for the weekend. The next day i took a drive to Banff National Park, one word of advice, if you visit the Calgary region, i would implore you to take a day off and visit Banff, it is honestly one of the most beautiful regions in Canada. I would reccomend making a list of the sites at Banff National Park you would like to see as some of these places are from another and to properly give theses places justice you need to set at least half for each location or more! One of the best location and this is my opinion was Lake Louise, the sun, the water, the mountains, just everything was perfect.

I did take some pics of Lake Louise, one day i’ll post em here or Flikr, we’ll see.