Trecking Matacanes


Our friendly neighbor to the south. It has always been a place I have wanted to visit but never really took the dive to. Finally after an invite from a friend I made the trip down, to Monterrey, Mexico exactly.

Monterrey is a pretty nice city, has great street food, classic true mexican food. As such i was of course very happy to eat real taquitos. The best part of the trip down there was a visit to Matacanes which is just an hour drive from the center of the city.

The drive to Matacanes itself was very reminiscent of the treks through the andean mountains, roads sparcely paved and other with sparcely enough space for one car to drive through while one side of your passengers are looking down the face of the mountain. With one just small mistake that would be your last view.

Finally after an hour of periliously driving through the sides of a mountain we made it to the main start of the Matacanes river trek. There we met up with some other people, got our life jackets and started for the treck to the waterfalls. I decided not to take my phone as it is not waterproof and the amount of water was just to great to take a chance. The trek itsef consists of around 4 miles of trecking a river upstream, the walk itself is very rough and would reccomend bringing hiking shoes and a hat. Also if you are not a swimmer a life jacket will be your life saver (literally). The scenery itself of the hike upstream is breathtaking, the rustiness of the rocks and the clear turquiose of the water really come together to produce a surreal image of a new different world one that you would not think exists in ours.

After an hour of two of treking upstream, we made it to the cave of wonders or at least that is what i called it. If you do a search of Matacanes you will see people inside a dark cave, this is it. This cave is actually really intriguing, as you go on you see the colors of the water and the sun mix together to bring a sort of twinkling of the water splashing around you. You have to swim swim this cave which is mostly all pitch black so a flashlight is highly reccomended.

Once you get past the cave,you will enter a bigger cave with openings to let rays of sun in, you will be welcomed to a new sight of waterfalls and more vats of beautiful water. Depending on the season, you might find yourself with lot’s of tour guides and their tour groups. One thing to note about treking to the Matacanes waterfalls is that there are two ways to reach there, from the bottom-up which is the route we took. The other way is to trek top-bottom, which is done from a higher peak in the Matacanes region and you trek down to the waterfall and then trek down stream. This often considered the easier trek because it is all downhill, but you have to trek up a mountain to go down it…So in short it all depends on who is leading you. Most tour guides go the top-bottom method, so the way we took was less traveled (Insert Robert Frost Quote).

Once you make it to this spot there is another small five minute hike up a stream to another waterfall and some nice cliff diving spots, although the water may seem shallow, it is quite safe and lots of fun! If you have not tried cliff diving, this would be a most oportune time to do so. The jumping height is going to be at most 10 feet of height, that when jumping just turns into milliseconds. Then you just feel the splash of the water around you as that boost of adrenaline courses through you and you realize that this is fun, and you want another jump!

There is a spot though that is only accessible via top-bottom trek ridding that is around a 30 ft jump, but that one i am not sure on reccomending unless you are certain of your jumping abilities, because when you jump you come real close to facing some rock formations inches away from your face.