Expedition North Europe

Europe, that magical place where culture, language, art and friendly people meet. This trip to Europe would be my third time thus far, and for good reason, as Europe has a lot to offer from gigantic walkable glaciers, to earth carving fjords, to canals that just become magical with light to the cliffs that hang over an ocean most uninviting but whose people are everything but uninviting.


First stop, the land of “Ice”, which is everything but all Ice. In this trip i was only able to explore the city of Reykjavik for a few days, meaning that i shall return to Iceland one day to give it the proper love it deserves. Reykjavik itself is a small city, very compact, with an amazing hot dog stand. This does not mean though that you should skip this city, in my short duration i enjoyed my time walking all around the city albeit i would not have minded if the weather had been a tad warmer. With that said, one thing that is a must do for anyone visiting Reyk is to go to the Blue Lagoons, yes it is a major tourist spot, but these lagoons are magical. You can do a quick web search to see for yourself, but this is something that is a must do, the price itself is fair and the work that the Icelanders do to preserve this wonder of nature and allow us to enjoy is truly amazing. They value nature for it’s beauty and use, something that in the states is not done enough (Yes, i am from the states). That said, the water is magical, super warm, relaxing, makes you want to just lay there on the water for ages, though you might get prunny. For any traveler looking to visit Blue Lagoon and Reykjavik during a long layover, i would suggest getting just booking the bus from KEF to BG, with a return to Reyk. This i reccommend because BG is on the opposite side of Reyk, so it only makes sense to visit either at the beggining of your trip or right before you leave.

That said, inner Reyk is quite nice, the must see as anyone who has done their research is to see the Hallgrímskirkja, the Harpa, and the Solfar. The area around the Solfar is quite amazing for taking really good pics, one piece of advise is to visit this area an hour before sunset. At this the way the sunlight plays with the colors of the ocean and Engey Island is quite magical, you get hues of pink, mixed with yellow and blue. Where all you need to do is stand there looking pretty and nature does all the work looking amazing, this can be even more maximized by taking a picture of the Solfar with Engey in the background. Though with this amazing show of colors and beauty you might not be the only one there taking pics, so be mindful of others and give them the op to take a pic too.

Foodwise, Iceland has a good amount of international food, allowing you to find your craving quite easily. Though i myself always go for the local cuisine albeit with certain limits, in this case shark meat being that limit. In pure honesty, i was not really excited for shark meat based on the reviews from others, so did not make much effort to find it. Though i did try the traditional piece of smoked lamb on bread, with some lamb soup both being quite delicious. Of course if you are in Reyk you need to have the hot dogs, i myself preferred them with all topings, they were so goooood.


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