Expedition North Europe

Europe, that magical place where culture, language, art and friendly people meet. This trip to Europe would be my third time thus far, and for good reason, as Europe has a lot to offer from gigantic walkable glaciers, to earth carving fjords, to canals that just become magical with light to the cliffs that hang over an ocean most uninviting but whose people are everything but uninviting.

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ASR VMWare to Azure - Error: 78088

A while back I was working on Azure Site Recovery, preparing VMWare workloads for the cloud, this normally is a very straight forward process. You setup your environments, create the extra server you need, configure the vault on Azure and so forth. During such process I hit a snag by the little know name as Error 78088:

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Visiting Calgary

Canada, also known as our friends on the north of us or that maple leaf country. Joking asise, Canada is one of the amazing places I have the pleasure of visiting multiple times. This last trip has actually been my fourth time visiting Canada, this time visiting the city of Calgary in the province of Alberta.

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